Travel Destinations: Key West Florida


Are you a travel enthusiast? I love to travel. There are dozens of places on my Bucket List to visit. But one I recently crossed was Key West, Florida. I just got back in early April and it was everything I had hoped for in a travel destination. It is much more accessible than the popular Caribbean island destinations. It has that Caribbean feeling, although technically it’s not in the Caribbean.

Since cruises have gained popularity, Key West is very crowded. But most cruise tourists tend to stay close to the dock and tourist areas. There were also some interesting things to see there, like the Mel Fisher es Museum. (He rescued the Spanish galleon, the Atocha, several years ago and has a wonderful display of the bounty he raised – jewels, gold bars and doubloons, rifles and cannons. They call it.

There’s this eating establishment called Louie es Back Yard. It’s a great place to eat, or sip a mojito in the shade of a huge banyan tree. Great atmosphere. For history buffs, Key West has two great places: one is the Harry Truman Winter White House. It is similar to the time when the President and the First Lady – Harry and Bess – sought it as a private retreat. Then there is the Hemingway House.