What you do not know about Wrestling!!!

Wrestling is the closest thing to a movie, wrestlers play the role of actors, we find a nasty wrestler and another good, we see a challenge between wrestlers is obviously a representation, and the difference between actors and Wrestlers is that wrestlers live in front of the public and are therefore banned, so wrestlers are well trained several times before their performance in the ring. Although there is another opinion that the struggle is twofold, the truth and representation, that if the fight was really only, it would be very boring and full of violent scenes would not be fun at all, whereas if it was represented, it would be very synthetic and far from reality and have no credibility. And will become false and misleading, so there must be a real part and a representative part to admire the viewer. In terms of injuries, there are real injuries, some of which are representative and unrealistic. For deceased wrestlers, they are not the cause of death, but their cause is related to their age or a heart attack due to stimulants, hormones and drugs. Whether the fight is only representative or part of the truth, but worth watching, because of the great skill, creativity and hard work of wrestlers and coaches as well as directors and producers of the program, in addition to the great energy of the media that focus on the fight, in addition to the A great risk to the wrestlers at risk. Wrestling Competition Weekly performances are still at the forefront of American football and have a global audience. In the United States, only more than three million wrestlers have been watched.

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