Why do we like the Smell of Essence?

The smell of gasoline

All people do not agree on the smell of gasoline. Some of us like the smell and smell of ecstasy when inhaled. However, many people believe that the smell of gasoline is very bad and this applies to our assessment of many smells; For example, while it smells nauseous in others, but why do some people like a smell that others might consider normal, if not bad for them? According to Dr. Alan Hirsch, neurologist and psychiatrist, there is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon: the olfactory lobe is part of the peripheral nervous system that controls our emotions, that is, the smell of gasoline can be associated with good memories, When you inhale a smell of benzene or gasoline containing benzene, these memories are remembered so that you feel happy again. Some might like to inhale the smell of gasoline in the hope of alleviating boredom or temporarily avoiding their problems, or trying to imitate the tradition of friends. We here decide that simply enjoying the smell of gas while filling the tank is not necessarily a problem, but the risk of reliance on this type of inhalation, similar to drug or alcoholism, lies in the fact that it is difficult to obtain gasoline.