Vampires Exist?

Who are the vampires?

Vampires are human beings who drink human blood, kill people, then drink their spirit or are alive when they die, but vampires are not born. They are not real fantasy horror movies. And the bloodbaths and then invent them to instill fear in the hearts of human beings who presents them with these movies with the addition of some rhythmic tunes, but unintentionally sends the brain to the body members he feels in fear, but differs in the fear of one person to another and the disadvantages placed in such programs These vampires are dedicated to drinking human blood, but their names differ from those called “zombies”. Some of them are called “wolves” and they are called “zombies”. They are called “wolf”. They drink blood and they have many names. Other places like dark or thick trees and heavy rain. Then, people will feel the fear and those who invent such films will have a perfect knowledge of the human brain and the poisons and visual effects felt by fear and fear. They are the vassals of the wise, and their names and forms differ.

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