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Mr Bean described as a man with a child mentality

Mr. Bean, a very famous character from the television comedy, was featured as a television series of British comedies, written by Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis. It should be noted that this series brought happiness and joy to the hearts of millions of people, through the pathways presented there, and perhaps the most characteristic feature of this series: everyone understands the dumps in which, despite the different languages ​​of the world, English, French, Arabic, Hindi and others, Sell worldwide without modification, which has increased its dissemination, has played the main role in Atkinson, and includes the series of fifteen episodes of Mr. Bean. Information about Mr. Bain co-written by Kurtis or Robin Driscoll. The first 13 episodes were broadcast on the British channel ITV from 1 January 1989 and continued until 15 December 1991. He invented the character of Mr. Bean, the engineer Atkinson, during his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Queen’s College, Oxford University.

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