Preparation for the game Monopoly

Preparation for the game Monopoly

The first step in the game Monopoly is to select a piece of metal distinguished and represented in the game. The head of the bank responsible for the distribution of funds is then assigned to the players. Each player receives $ 1,500, of which: $ 100, two $ 50, six $ 20, five $ 10, five $ 5 and five $ 1. Determine the first player The player who gets the most number by rolling the dice is the first player. So start the game from the starting position (Go), then move each player with his piece of metal clockwise around the plate Monopoli according to the numbers on the dice. Purchase of a property The player can buy the property at the place where the printed amount depends on the board, so that the manager of the bank gives him the deed of ownership, whether it is a colored field , a railway or existing businesses.

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