The media and its development

The journal aligns world organism article presented American state technique and informative way, which presents its analyzes, contains articles and opinions of writers and writers, as well as many other aspects, such as advertising. One of the characteristics of the newspaper is that it is published periodically, every day or every week and that the history of the press is old: it began to publish the first newspaper in the world in 1605 in France. It should be mentioned that newspapers and newspapers are among the most prominent and powerful media and have the most influence in shaping public opinion in societies through their opinions, articles, surveys and photographs. Magazines differ from newspaper and newspaper magazines in form, content and debate: they form a cover, such as a book, with a page devoted to topics and content, and then start posting and discussing topics. and content, such as news, etc. The fashion. They are also published periodically, every month or at the decision of their developers. In 1731, the first magazine in the world, The Gentleman’s Magazine, was published in London. Community.