Kiev, the capital of Ukraine

The importance of Kiev in the foot is considered to be the Kiev city of the largest and oldest cities in Eastern Europe, where it was at the time of the Franks capital of the Russians and the first state of the Slav- East, and at the time of the Mongols and during the invasion was completely destroyed, and at the end of the nineteenth century, during the industrial revolution in the Russian Empire flourished, and after the independence of the Republic of Popular Ukraine of the Russian Empire in 1917 became Kiev as capital, and was the third time the largest city of the Soviet Union, and remained Kiev, capital of Ukraine Counting the collapse of in 1991.

the Soviet Union and the independence of Ukraine The characteristics of the city of Kiev Perhaps the most important feature of the city of Kiev is the climate of the mainland rain, besides having a very good infrastructure in terms of the presence of a large number of hotels, restaurants and nightclubs, and returns the reason for naming Kiev this name, according to an account The main industries are utilities, including electricity, gas and iron, as well as paper and paper, printing, publishing, the beverage industry and food, with railways being the most important means of transportation. Where cities. Kiev is the best place for fishing and swimming enthusiasts, where there are many beaches.