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The importance of Petrol in our lives…!

Petrol : The importance of oil The wars that took place to obtain oil testify to its importance for civilizations: the demand for oil has increased since the Second World War and, with the industrial revolution of 1900, the demand for oil has become more important compared to the internal combustion engines used. In the field of transport, in addition to being used in industrial machinery.

Petrol : Petrol is also used in the industry – how to make a natural insecticide – pesticides – which increases the efficiency of agricultural production, and is also used in the manufacture of plastic equipment, tires of natural rubber, because the Synthetic rubber needs were relatively scarce until World War II. Where the use of natural rubber has been banned, the need for synthetic rubber has become widespread, oil is also used in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry and its derivatives such as gasoline, toluene and zylene are raw materials for the manufacture of products that contribute to the dyeing sector. , Detergents The importance of oil does not stop there, but extends to:

– The manufacture of inks.

– Manufacture of cushioning materials.

– CD-ROM industry. Manufacture of vitamin capsules.

– Dental adhesives industry.

– Manufacture of artificial heart valves.

– Manufacture of certain substances used in anesthesia.

– Manufacture of cortisone.

– Manufacture of paint pens.

– Manufacture of certain types of pillows.

– Artificial turf industry.

– Manufacture of deodorants.

– Manufacture of lipstick.

– Manufacture of hair dyes.

– Aspirin manufacturing.

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