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The famous Hollywood City

The city of Hollywood is one of the cities of the North American continent, the central region of Los Angeles, California, and borders the northeastern hilly region, Los Velez to the northeast, and south of Henancock Park, Larchmont and Fairfax. The West and West Hollywood Hills to the north-west, extending from the north to Genoa, via Labri Street, Wattles Garden Park and Franklin Street, its coordinates are between 34 ° 6’0 “north and 118 ° 20’0 “west. KNX radio and television was the city’s most famous radio station before the departure of CBS Colombia, and on January 22, 1947, the first commercial station on the west bank of the Mississippi was opened under the name of KTLA. TV channel on the network, on behalf of the Attorney General, which was shot in Hollywood.

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