Aquatic City, the largest park in Turkey

It is a leisure park that depends on the presence of water. It consists of several games of different shapes and colors, allowing the visitor to make water of certain heights, to slide on the water and reach the pool. Do not cross the dedicated boats for this. Aqua Marina is the largest seaside resort in Istanbul and Turkey. Approximately 80 km from Istanbul, Aqua Marina is located in Buuk Jumjja, Istanbul’s largest water park, and is very popular with tourists from all over the world. inside and outside Turkey. Because of its size and its many games, it is not just a certificate of cleanliness because of the cleanliness of the water and the food of the restaurants. To reach this seaside town, dedicated buses depart daily, from Taksim railway station to Aqua Marina, easily accessible to visitors from outside Turkey, still located in several train stations and close to hotels.