Newfoundland- A Jewel On The Atlantic

Some of the things available are iceberg watching, birdwatching trips, diving, whale watching, kayaking and much more. The island is tiny compared to the other ten provinces of Canada, but you will need plenty of time to really explore this jewel in the Atlantic Ocean.

Would you like to talk about the weather? Newfoundland has a wonderful daily weather display. They say it can be very uncertain, but the variety is what will make your visit to this island a truly unique one. It’s true what they say about the air. It is a real treat to breathe because it is refreshing and pure. There is no smog to clog your lungs, just a clean, unpolluted breeze coming in from the sea.

There are many places for you to visit. The list is endless and includes lighthouse parks, art museums or picturesque tour routes. Some of the parks offer relaxing holidays. Terra Nova National Park, or the adventurous Torngat Mountains are just some of them. Do you enjoy skiing? If so, why not visit the ski resort in White Hills? It’s only two hours from St. John es and it offers you a huge area of ski and snowboard trails.

One of the main reasons why a person should visit Newfoundland tourism before making travel plans is the Frequently Asked Questions page. The bottom line is that you want to enjoy your trip to Newfoundland. This is made possible by preparing in advance to avoid unpleasant experiences. Bon Voyage!