Travel Destinations: Key West Florida

Ernest Hemingway was very fond of Key West and his house is open for tours. It’s a bit expensive, but I thought I would only be here once. Why should you miss it? Interesting is that it is still inhabited by the offspring of the cats Ernest owned himself. (It is also inhabited, some say, by a ghost. Personally, I don’t buy into this kind of phenomenon, and I certainly didn’t have any “encounters” during my tour, but it’s an interesting tidbit in case anyone out there is interested).

There are old graveyards to explore. (Given the long history of Key West, you can imagine how old some of these gravestones are!) I found this really fascinating, but not everybody would share this opinion. If you don’t, there are also some great restaurants, and these quaint little trolleys all over town to take you there. Don’t confuse them with the cruise ship excursion trolleys, which are not limited for non-cruisers. It is a small island, so everything is pretty much within walking distance if you are inclined. (I took the trolley.)

Key West is the southernmost point of the United States and as part of the United States it allows remote cell phone calls without roaming charges. Good to know. There is a beautiful lighthouse there that offers a spectacular view from above! There are also many statues in the city for great photo ops. And the butterfly conservatory is a must!