The media and its development

The world has evolved and changed dramatically from what it was before. This development has been the result of several revolutions, including the revolution in media development and communication. Where the media developed over successive, not short periods, and the beginning of its creation in the early mid-twentieth century, which greatly affected the creation and implementation of satellite channels for purposes, objectives and tools various, including various means of communication that are legible, audio and visual. Since the presence of man on this earth and the time of the primitive caves and tribes, he was guided by his instinct of sociality, which likes to share the news as part of his knowledge and his situation, while increasing his need information on the progress of the times. , Which had a big impact on places of worship and gatherings. The concept of Media Reporting Language is a report (and informs everyone that they have achieved their desire). Media is defined as the process by which news, facts, opinions and ideas are disseminated among people through various means, for persuasion, awareness and advocacy. German Autogrut, the media specialist, defines the media as “the objective expression of the mentality of the masses, their spirit, their tendencies and their tendencies”. Types American state supports The supports can be categories linear unit three main spells: the printed supports use paper, inks and printers, the most important of which are the following: Newspapers and newspapers Newspapers and newspapers published in each country are a Clear example of the role of the media and their importance in the dissemination of information of all kinds, regional or local.