the most beautiful Hollywood Stars

Hollywood Stars : Before her acting career, she won the Golden Globe four times. The mask and the vanilla sky. Scarlett Johnson: The American singer and actress, born in 1984, is one of Hollywood’s most famous stars, and the most famous of her works is The Avengers. Mela Konis: Actress of Ukrainian origin, born in 1983, is currently married to actor Ashton Kutcher and they have a child, one of the most famous is Black Swan. Kim Kardashian: Actress, fashion designer and American model, born in 1980, is one of Hollywood’s most controversial actresses, appearing on the cover of an all-nudist magazine. It also offers the most famous reality television programs, “Keeping with the Kardashians”. She is famous for her friendship with Paris Hilton, currently married to rapper Canier West, and they have two children. Salma Hayek is an American-Mexican actor, born in 1966, of a Mexican father of Lebanese origin, a Spanish mother, married to Fran├žois Henri Pino, and a child who won the Oscars and the Golden Globe Award for Freda. Nicole Kidman, an Australian actress and producer, was born in 1967. She is currently married to Kate Urban and has four children, as well as Tom Cruise, who won an Oscar for his film The Hours.