How to build cartoons 2D or 3D

Build cartoons : Animation is defined as the process of creating an illusion of movement, by rapidly displaying a sequence of images or drawings, in two or three dimensions, which differ slightly and gradually increase, and generally add sounds, sound effects and music. Context Animation is used in the media, it has the power of influence and marketing, because it is used for the production of entertainment films, training simulations and scientific experiments that must be tested before being implemented. The animation is performed by specialized artists and people experienced in the use of modern technologies such as digital cameras, computers and others. Animation Industry The animation process goes through three main stages: pre-production, production and post-production. Each stage has a set of steps that can vary depending on the purpose of the animation. Pre-production The pre-production stage consists of animation planning and brainstorming, including: defining the main purpose of the video and the message it wishes to convey. Determine the quality and age of the target audience of the video. Put headlines and key ideas to put in the video. Choose the methods to adopt for the video industry and the style to follow in the video, such as specifying the quality of the images or drawings, the tone of the dialogue, the music, and the colors. Stage of production The stage of production requires a lot of work and is based on the ideas and objectives written at the pre-production stage. At this point, the scenario must be prepared, scenes based on the identified scenarios, the character industry formed, the characters to be represented in the video, the places where these characters will be hosted, then moved, and the recorded voices of various ways. Scenario The scenario depends on the main objectives and ideas.