The most important petroleum products…!!!

petroleum products

Petroleum Products :The most important petroleum products that can be obtained after refining are as follows.

– Gasoline is a transparent liquid separated from crude oil at a boiling point of 40-205 ° C, a derivative widely used as fuel for cars, generators and compressors.

– Kerosene: A combustible hydrocarbon liquid, having a boiling point of 150-275 ° C, is used for heating, cooking and lighting, as well as fuel for aircraft engines, lubricants, pesticides and solvents.

Lubricants: are separated from the oil at a boiling point of 300-370 ° C, composed of 90% of essential oil, while the additives intended to improve their properties, such as detergents and antioxidants, represent the remaining 10%. Lubricating oils are adapted to their thermocouple, thermal stability, hydraulic stability and low freezing point.

– Paraffin wax: Paraffin wax is solid at normal temperature and boils at a temperature above 370 ° C. Paraffin wax is used as a lubricant and involves the manufacture of many materials such as putties, wax pens, candles, cosmetics, shoe polish and skates.

– Diesel is extracted from crude oil by fractional distillation at a boiling point of 250-350 ° C, derived from low sulfur petroleum. Diesel is used as fuel in certain types of cars, buses, trucks, locomotives, turbines Gasoline and external combustion engines, as well as diesel quality are measured by a number, it is an indicator of the rate of combustion diesel.